Mandatory work placement guide

Residential Care has many rewarding occupations, but there will be times where workers are confronted with situations that take them out of their comfort zone. Care and support workers will sometimes be caring for others who have experienced trauma throughout their lives, which may have an impact on their behaviours or their interactions with other people. These resources have been developed to help provide care and support workers with an understanding of the basic concepts of trauma informed care and provide practical strategies to help them and the people they’re caring for feel safe and supported.

Also included are resources to help individuals to support their health and wellbeing and provide approaches to managing workplace stress, including the impacts of working with trauma and grief impacted people.

Note: these residential care resources have been developed by Phoenix Australia for the Department of Health and Aged Care and have been republished with their permission. Further information and resources, including online training courses for both frontline workers and supervisors can be found at Phoenix Australia’s website. For frontline workers click here, for supervisors click here.


The videos have been divided into two categories - Workers, aimed at front line care and support workers and Supervisors, for those who have responsibilities in managing staff.

  • Worker - Looking After Yourself


    Worker - Looking After Yourself

  • Worker - Building Safety and Trust


    Worker - Building Safety and Trust

  • Worker - What is Trauma Informed Care


    Worker - What is Trauma Informed Care

  • Supervisor - Looking After Yourself and Others


    Supervisor - Looking After Yourself and Others


To help support the key messaging found in the video series, this series of resources can be used and distributed within your organisation and networks.


The poster can be printed and off and used within your organisation to raise awareness the basic concepts of general health and wellbeing and Trauma Informed Care.

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