Australia’s workforce innovator for Human Services

Our vision is for Australia’s human services sector to be equipped with a skilled, diverse and adaptable workforce meeting its needs now and into the future.

The HSSO is uniquely positioned to collaborate with employers, training organisations and government to strengthen the workforce that cares for the nation’s most vulnerable.

Our purpose is to improve the skills of the human services sector to deliver the best outcomes for Australians.

Our commitment is to improve how the sector identifies, develops and delivers workforce solutions, knowing it will result in better support and care for those who need it most.

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Strategic Focus

The HSSO is a driver of sustainable change.

Our strategic action areas provide the focus for our effort and the framework for us to measure our success:

1. Networks & Engagement

Facilitating innovation and partnerships across the Human Services and VET ecosystems.

2. Workforce Capability

Driving quality skills development for the Human Services Workforce

3. Sustainable Change

Supporting the Human Services sectors to grow and prosper

Our stakeholder engagement is guiding our work plan. The projects and initiatives we implement are designed to drive sustainable sector change. We encourage you to keep in touch or reach out share your ideas and experiences.

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Message from CEO

The success of Australia’s human services sector is dependent on a workforce that has the skills and qualities necessary to deliver essential, high quality services. In the next five years, the demand for these services will rapidly escalate and require an additional 250,000 jobs.

Immediate and sustainable change is needed to ensure we attract, skill and retain the best possible staff to deliver these essential services.

The HSSO is engaging stakeholders and developing evidence based solutions to deliver the skilled and adaptable workforce the sector needs.

We invite you to work with us in shaping the future of training and the human services workforce. This is a complex problem that requires diverse perspectives and long-term commitment to grow a workforce that is valued and vital to Australia’s economy and in making a difference to the everyday lives of many Australians.

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Jodi Schmidt
Chief Executive Officer

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