The mental health and wellbeing of the care workforce has been exacerbated as a result of the COVID pandemic, leading to high rates of stress, burnout and mental health challenges for workers.

This project will deliver a suite of visual products which aims to raise awareness and help support the wellbeing of workers in the residential care, home care and disability sectors as well as introduce key concepts of trauma-informed care.


The Care and Support Mental Health Resources project will deliver resources which aim to:

  • raise awareness of best practice approaches to supporting worker wellbeing and delivering trauma-informed services,
  • aimed at both workers and leaders, particularly those who have a line management roles or supervisory duties
  • be accessible and succinct enough to be accessed by staff that are under-resourced. This will include using audio-visual content and simple written materials.

The resources will provide key messages related to individual and team factors that impact on employee wellbeing, describe best practice approaches to managing workplace stress, including the impacts of working with trauma and grief impacted people.

This is particularly important because the majority of care recipients accessing home care or disability support will have experienced trauma and have had to manage issues related to loss and grief. Direct trauma exposure, such as occupational violence and aggression is also common in caring and health related industries.

The resources will also provide practical examples of trauma informed practice and its benefits to increase awareness and motivation to implement trauma informed care. With trauma-informed practices, research demonstrates that many of these practices are an important part of protecting the mental health of workers in frontline roles.

The project will use a co-design approach, which means the resources will be developed in consultation with stakeholders from the aged care and disability sectors to ensure they meet the needs of each sector.

Once completed, the resources will be made available through the HSSO website, supported by marketing campaigns to help drive awareness and usage. In addition, materials will be distributed to professional and peak bodies, unions and employers for use internally and on their own websites.

Project overview

Project Status
In Progress
September 2022 to May 2023
  • National

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