Watch the video to gain an insight into the day-to-day activities of disability support work.

Victoria tells us about how she got her start, the best parts about the role, what a typical day looks like and more.


What is your ‘why’ for being in this role?

Because I have fun! You become friends with the people and you’re on their team, you’re rooting for them, it’s exciting to experience new things with them.

What does a good day look like?

You can see that he’s (the client) happy, and that’s what he wants to do. We’re currently enrolled in adult hip hop, performance class and musical theatre. I think he enjoys watching me do it as well! That’s a good day, you can see he’s super excited and he’s having fun.

What sort of skills do you need for this role?

You need to be creative. You have to understand empathy and have. Also be a very good communicator, and not just verbal communication but body language and stuff like that.

What’s one of your favorite memories?

A really good one is we’ve been on holidays to Ballina, myself and another support worker and the client.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received?

People saying, “oh you’re a very special person, it takes a very special person to do this.” But I don’t think it does, it just takes an open person, you just have to be willing to learn.

Any advice to those looking to enter the sector?

You grow more when you’re out of your comfort zone.