PostIt Note Meeting

The HSSO has engaged the Community Services Industry Alliance to capture a detailed ‘map’ of all workforce development and training programs across Australia’s human services sectors — aged care, disability care, veterans care, allied health, community health, and early childhood education and care. 

The number workforce development and training programs and new pilots is significant, and can be overwhelming and confusing for employers. It also results in unnecessary duplication of effort.   

By mapping the diverse programs currently available or in development, we can: 

  • reduce duplication 

  • target funding better 

  • make programs more accessible 

  • share learnings across our sector. 

This mapping project will create a useful digital resource for the human services sectors to access and maintain over time. 

What programs are you mapping? 

This mapping project aims to capture ALL types of workforce development and training programs currently available or in development for Australia’s human services sectors.  

Programs and pilots are being run at a national, state and local level, and are conducted by government, peak bodies, training organisations, research organisations, employers and others.  

How can I get involved? 

There are two options for participation: 

Is there a deadline? 

Due to popular demand, the closing deadline has been extended to 21st May 2021.

For more information and to participate, visit