Watch the video to gain an insight into one of the many ways aged care support is provided.

Tiffany tells us about how she got her start, the best parts about the role, what a typical day looks like and more.



What does a good day look like?

I really love face to face training. Stories that they share about the consumers are amazing and I always get so much joy out of them.

How did you find yourself in this role?

My first job out of high school I was a support worker, I’ve always had passion in aged care. It’s always been consumer driven or consumer focused so it’s about teaching people about how we could be the best possible person to provide that support to our consumers.

What is your ‘why’?

People give me energy and I think it’s about that engagement and making a difference in anyone’s life, whether it be a staff member, whether it be a person that comes and accesses our services, whoever I have contact with I hope I make a difference in their lives.

Any advice for those looking to enter the sector?

Just give it a go. If you spend a bit of time in these industries, you’re going to get a better feel for it.

What attributes help in this sector?

Compassion, empathy, taking a step back and actually not thinking you know what’s best for an individual in regards to their own life, when they actually want to do their own thing. It’s about listening and engaging.