HSSO CEO Jodi Schmidt presented at a webinar hosted by the Department of Social Services and SEEK in support of the ‘A Life Changing Life’ campaign. Jodi discussed strategies and ideas for attracting staff to the sector, highlighting a number of different pathways into and across human services roles. Stephanie Hutton, SEEK Success Manager, also presented on practical ways to improve effective recruitment of workers, with a particular focus on how to write compelling job ads.

During our national roadshow series of Workforce Forums, employers regularly reported achieving better outcomes when they hired for personal qualities over qualifications. While the concept ‘hire for attitude, train for skill’ is nothing new, it is particularly relevant when looking to fill entry-level roles. Current government subsidies and traineeships can assist employers to find the right staff and invest in their ongoing development whilst on the job.  Check out the ‘A Life Changing Life’ website for information and resources on current initiatives available.

Employers have informed us that some of what they value the most in potential employees is good communication skills, reliability and integrity. Defining and promoting organisational values can help potential employees recognise how their personal values and beliefs align with job opportunities. New recruits with unfinished or non-sector related qualifications can then be supported to gain the necessary qualifications and skills. You can watch a recording of the webinar that explores these pathways further via the link below.

Watch the Webinar here