The Human Services Skills Organisation (HSSO) has announced plans to explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered adaptive learning technology and the value it could bring to vocational training in the human services sector. 

Adaptive learning is the delivery of custom learning experiences that address the unique needs of an individual through just-in-time feedback, pathways, and resources powered by AI. This contrasts with the one-size-fits-all learning experience that is provided with online content delivery. 

HSSO Chief Executive Officer Ms Jodi Schmidt said the technology could be a game-changer for the sector.  

“Adaptive learning creates a unique experience by customising course material to the individual learner. AI-based adaptive learning systems provide students with targeted support, feedback relevant to their level of knowledge and immediate assistance. 

“One of the benefits of AI supported learning, is that it can recognise a learner’s knowledge of a topic prior to commencing the learning program inbuilt AI adapts learning to meet individual needs.  

“We know accessing suitability skilled individuals in a timely way can be a challenge for our sectors. One of the benefits of AI supported learning is that it sometimes reduces the time it takes for completion.  

“We want to see what kind of impact this type of technology can have for individuals undertaking training in the Care/Support Sector. It’s incredibly exciting,’ said Ms Schmidt. 

The HSSO will use technology provided by Sana Labs to facilitate the trial. Sana Labs is a company based in Sweden who is applying machine learning technologies to personalise learning delivery.   

Sana Labs’s Director of Business Development Samuel Björklund said that this was an incredible opportunity for the Australian human services and vocational education and training sectors to enhance human learning with machine learning. 

“The world of work has been revolutionised – it has completely changed speeds. The half-life of skills is around five years — but technically skills are outmoded in around half that time. 

“People need to engage in a continuous style of learning to remain relevant and employable. But we all start at different points, we all have differing base-line levels of knowledge and areas of expertise. It’s vital that we look at ways to increasingly personalise the learning experience based on everyone’s backgrounds.  

“We are excited to work with the Human Services Skills Organisation to trial this technology in Australia, particularly in such a vital area such as human services.  

The adaptive learning project will run from June to December 2022, focusing on the entry into care skill set (or the associated units out of the Certificate III in Individual Support). The HSSO will source individuals from across Australia to complete their skill set through the adaptive learning platform, with results available in early 2023. To learn more about the project or receive updates on its progress, visit the HSSO website.  

About the Human Services Skills Organisation 

The Human Services Skills Organisation (HSSO) is an employer-led body focused on strengthening the Human Services workforce. We do this by building cross-sector collaboration and bringing together employers and training organisations to trial new ways to shape the national training system. We engage with industry experts, peak and workforce bodies, and all levels of government to influence and inform improvements to the national training system that will meet the sectors evolving needs. 

About Sana Labs 

Sana is where fast-moving teams learn and share knowledge. From team retros to company onboarding, anyone can create an engaging and interactive experience. There’s a virtual space built for live collaborative sessions, and some clever AI that personalizes what each person learns. The admin is automated, tracking progress is easy, and the integrations are flexible. Best of all, this all exists in one platform. It’s simply learning. Like never before.