The voice of employers and industry is at the centre of everything we do. As the HSSO establishes itself in the human services and VET policy space, it will be critical that we listen to the needs of employers and work together to drive meaningful and sustainable change.

The HSSO will engage and partner with industry, training organisations, peak bodies and government to ensure we are relevant, representative and accessible across the breadth of the human services sector. Our intent is to build strong relationships that are built on trust, knowledge and collaboration.

How can I get involved?
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Meeting Outside

We bring employers closer to the heart of vocational education and training. We will give you a stronger voice and a bigger role in the VET system. Help us to understand your workforce training challenges and join us in achieving our purpose.

Conference Speaker
Training organisations

Discuss opportunities and share your expectations with us, so we can enhance and improve the VET system for human services training and skill provision.

PostIt Note Meeting
Peak bodies

You have valuable knowledge and insight across a wide range of sectors that we could learn from.

Software training

It is critical we work with all levels of government to understand the strategy, policy and program levers for the human services sectors and workforce, including new and existing policy initiatives, and where the HSSO is placed to assist.