An evaluation of the Skill Set delivered by the Brotherhood of St Laurence to support job seekers with entry level skills to start working immediately in the aged care and disability sectors. The evaluation was designed to test whether RTOs effectively deliver the Skill Set so that learners meet industry requirements for basic entry level care roles in aged care and disability support contexts.

Supporting the aged care and disability support sectors

The evaluation was completed in August 2021 and found that learners who complete the Skill Set are broadly equipped with skills and knowledge required to support fully qualified carers within and aged care and/or disability support environments.

The Skill Set offers the appropriate combination of units of competency, builds towards attaining qualifications in aged care and disability support and is scalable.

The sites for the Brotherhood of St Laurence's Skilled Pathway Pilot involved in the evaluation were Adelaide North (SA), Darwin (NT) and Logan and Gold Coast (QLD).

Participants were aged 15-30 from disadvantaged backgrounds residing in areas with high levels of unemployment and youth unemployment and strong demand for roles in aged care and disability support.

Evaluation findings included:

  • Face-to-face training was the most effective method to deliver the Skill Set
  • Online environments increased the risk of non-completion - particularly among young and/or disadvantaged learner cohorts
  • Online environments limited exposure to real-life scenarios and practical learning opportunities, which are valued by employers.
  • Effective pre-screening processes resulted in higher completion rates
  • Strong support measures supported more effective completion of the Skill Set
  • Effective delivery of the Skill Set is dependent on delivery materials that are easily digestible by participants
  • Unclear employment pathways may deter learners from enrolling in theĀ  Skill Set.